Brief update

Hey guys. I know a lot of folks have been a bit concerned about where I have been over the past few months. So here’s a brief overview. Had a lot of grief getting the final paperwork all pushed through so we could adopt Starlet. But now he’s all adopted and that’s great!

Sun decided they wanted to move to a program where older kids in foster care can learn life skills to live on their own instead of with a family. They are old enough that if they choose not to stay in a family home, nobody can make them. So they are moved out. We aren’t allowed to talk to them for a while because the caseworkers decided that they would need time to adjust to the transition. I think that’s a stupid rule, but we are forced to follow it. We don’t know where they are or how they’re doing, and we aren’t allowed to know.

Got some issues going on with my family (the one I was raised with, not the one I made) but I don’t feel ready to talk about those things. I’ve also been dealing with my shoulder injury, though it is getting better.

Found out I am technically intersex (not physically/genetically male or female), and a lot of the physical health problems I have dealt with for years are a result of my hormones being out of whack. I have been prescribed hormone therapy, and I’m laughing a bit at the irony of it. I spent years debating whether to take testosterone, but decided not to because I was worried it might make me sicker and I had enough to deal with. But it turns out most of my sickness was actually because I didn’t have enough testosterone for what my body needed to stay healthy. I’m on a very low dose, and my doctor says it shouldn’t affect my appearance too much.

Despite all these ups and downs, my new med regimen seems to be working well. I’ve been sleeping well and feeling more even-tempered. It’s been over a year since I made the switch to getting treated for a sleep disorder instead of schizophrenia, and I am glad about it.

I have had much more free time lately, since things have been dying down a bit. So I am hoping I will be able to be around a lot more.


Thanks for the update

Sounds super complicated

But as I have said/stolen…

Nothing worth doing is ever going to be easy

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Do what you have to do, dude.

You’ll always have peers here wishing you and your family the best!

Be safe.

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Glad things appear to be settling down for you.

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