Brief onset of schizophrenia or remission?

I was having a lot of signs of schizophrenia and many psychotic episodes.
They stopped.
Just like that. After a month and a half of symptoms.
Granted, I have been hypomanic lately.
I also had a 30 minute very mild episode yesterday but it wasn’t much.
Maybe it’s just bipolar with psychotic features? (which would make a lot of sense since caffeine makes me hypomanic and stops my episodes, and im hypomanic rn and not having much psychosis.)
Who knows.
I guess I’ll just wait and see if it has stopped, maybe I won’t have to get help LOL (well I mean I’m still bipolar but lol)

Are you on antipsychotics? If there have been mood symptoms it isn’t sz.

Have you seen a pdoc and have you been diagnosed? Are you on meds?

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I am not medicated or diagnosed…
I do however meet all criteria for bipolar 2 disorder, and was experiencing psychotic symptoms and episodes for over a month(1.5-2m)

@Kale_Grey. You really should be evaluated by a pdoc.

Research has confirmed repeatedly that the earlier that people get treatment for the early signs of mental illness (especially schizophrenia and related disorders) the better the long term outcome for the person.

You can read more here:
The Importance of Early Treatment for Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Also, here is list of Early Diagnosis & Treatment Centers. Maybe there is one near where you live.
Worldwide Early Diagnosis & Treatment Centers for Psychosis & Schizophrenia

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I mean it’s basically ended so I think I can afford to wait lol

I’m confused then as to why you’re posting on a schizophrenia forum?

You need to be on meds if you can’t control yourself. Never stop taking your meds if you get put on them.

Because I was heaving symptoms of schizophrenia. I was wondering why they stopped.

Go see a doctor! Strangers on the internet can’t possibly answer this question.


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