((((((@@@)))))) -Bridge Over Troulbed Water- ((((((@@@))))))

Hello Once Again Forumers and (OR) Forumer … ,

Naught a Clue , , ,

but Let’s Pretend Shall We (???) ,

How Great These 4 to Five Mysterious Wars Have Been … ,

Taken to tha Clinic Many T(Y)me$ , Didn’t Need to but Boom Mini Boom … ,

My Mom Died , My Favorite Pup Died … ,

My Family Has Disconnected From Me … ,

e(Y)e Have Been Psychologically Scarred and Physically Bruised , , ,

e(Y)e STILL Fynde Humor in it All … ,

In Thee End , Those within tha Branches Will Fynde jus tha Sayme Humor , , ,

Altho tha Danger Some of Us Wearing our Colours Might Fynde that Humor to be Maybe a lil bit To Funni … ,

e(Y)e Had a Topic … ,

Here’s a Topic Question … ,

If tha Whole Clinic Model Was Being Destroyed , (OR) Was Destroying itself , What Would You Personally Turn too (???)




Sup my ninja?! What be the going on these days in da hood

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Hi Dr Green thumb …!!! What’s exactly the time Iz now in ur state …!!

It’s exactly 7:35 In my country …!!! Time to take dirty Pills …!!

It is 8:56 far cry. Sorry about the pills I know how you feel tho. I take my “dirty pills” every night how too…
Not gonna say if he lost without them or they are my life line either. They truly suck ass

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