Bridge of Spies

I am thinking about going and seeing Bridge of Spies today.

Hay Yo ,

e(Y)e , Years Ago Used To Go To Movies Alone and Really Enjoied My T(Y)me Driving , Lissening To Music and Walking Around Looking At All Tha Posters Advertising Tha New Releases … ,

e(Y)e used To Go Around Noon and Check It All Out … ,

Always (by) Myself but e(Y)e Didn’t Care , a Small Box Of Popcorn and Loud Speakers and Visual Effects Of Awesomeness … ,

Then e(Y)e’d Go Over To Tha Best Buy That Was a Block Away and Look Through All Tha C.d.'s … ,

One Afternoon e(Y)e Was Feeling Hopeless and Sad and e(Y)e Wandered Into Tha Store and Was ZOOMED (by) Everything In It , e(Y)e Wasn’t In Tha Mood To Be In Public but e(Y)e Love Music and Wanted To See If e(Y)e Could Fynde Anything New That Would Excite Me … ,

As e(Y)e Slowly Walked Into Tha First Aile a Saw a Beautiful Young Womans Face On a Yellow Cover and Tha Words That Sparkled At Me Instantanously Was BEGIN TO HOPE … ,

e(Y)e Didn’t Even Resist In Any Way , e(Y)e Jus Picked It Up and Wandered To Tha Checkout … ,

Waited Til Tha Evening , Poured a Shot Of Some Drink and Pressed Play … ,

and It Had Thus Song

It’s Actually a Yellow Cover But Whatevs … ,

N e Hoo , Enjoi Your Movie (if you decide to go) and Maybe Go To a Record Store and Pick Up a C.d. …

It ended up being a pretty good movie. I was impressed by the acting.

I saw it couple days ago, I enjoyed the dialogue in the film. there is a good deal of levity (humor) fighting an arms war between super power nations and negotiating the lives of spies and insurgents.

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