Breakthrough the Unexplained Schizophrenia


Being not the first one, and definitely not the last one on the planet to breakthrough the unexplained schizophrenia.

The voice is gone!

The phenomena is like I am on this end of tunnel, and the exit is on the other end of the tunnel. The path is narrow and long. I have to squeeze myself to enter the tunnel, and push myself towards the exit.

Thanks to my focus of the mind.


Looking it from the other way round, why schizophrenia?

Suppression of the emotional feeling. Overloading of the mind power.


For anyone who are curious out there, I suggest two techniques to make the brain safer and sharper.

Relaxing. Soothing music. Breeze air. Personal trip?

Organizing. Tidy up your belongings. Make your thinking straight.


Exactly 3 months since the breakthrough.

Stands firm in the heart.
Stays strong on the mind.

Looking ahead outside the mind for the future.
Looking back inside the mind for the past.


I like this one.