Breakthrough symptoms

We all know stress can cause breakthrough symptoms but if you’re having some little breakthrough symptoms and you aren’t stressed particularly what else could be the cause?

Maybe meds not working so much anymore at that dose at least. Time to try new med or dosage cuz it stopped on working.

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Thanks for that question @WeepingWillow .

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Maybe at these times you are stressed, latently,
without you being aware


I blame it on my brain pumps, the chemicals, and the tiny little man inside that doesn’t know how to work the machine well.

Just fluctuations in dopamine.

I still get symptoms daily, they just are much less intense than they used to be before my meds.

I can handle the breakthroughs most the time thanks to some therapy tools.

Wishing you well.

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yes, like a low lying stress that’s below the radar.

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Im pretty sure my breakthrough symptoms came from some poor decisions. although whatever led to me making that poor decision, insomnia. so I need to find some other tools to help with recklessness. I started a zoom therapist and she is going to help me see things better. 1. have trouble reading people 2. i make destructive choices when I feel stuck 3. that can lead to actions which increase my symptoms even when medicated. Thats me though, so for me i have to be really careful about what I do and main thing is I cannot drink beer or alcohol and I cannot smoke weed.

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