Breakthrough symptoms vs. sleep deprivation

I’ve been hearing and seeing things that I don’t think are real over the course of the last several weeks.

I’ve heard 3 or 4 times someone call my name from out front but when I go to look, no one is there. I almost feel like someone is messing with me but why would they? And how would they know that’s something that has happened to me before and would mess with my head?

I keep hearing repeatedly throughout the day my daughter calling “mom” in this way only she does, making the o two syllables. It sounds like she’s calling from far off outside.

I see things at a distance that appear to change shapes and morph. Like a mountain lion into a cat and shadows looking like people.

Every time I go out I see this car go by, sometimes more than once. The driver’s side door is tinted so dark I can’t see the driver. It’s started me making stories and getting suspicious almost paranoid.

These things could be breakthrough or sleep deprivation or both. I’ve had the auditory one’s before. The other things are like my imagination playing tricks on me I thought maybe that’s because I’m not sleeping.

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