Breakthrough? Should I be worried?

I was just recently switched from zyprexa to geodon. Been on geodon for 3 weeks now. I constantly think I am the son of Lucifer and that due to this when I see strangers I believe they are into me and wanna get with me. But that isn’t as concerning. Last year I was having a lot of homicidal ideation which led to my now getting a divorce. I’ve been in and out of the hospital but haven’t been in since April. Anyways, today I started having homicidal ideation again today. And I’m worried. I currently have a therapist, psychiatrist, case manager and was put in a dbt group. Even though they don’t really put people with psychosis in there. Idk what I’m really asking, but advice or kind words would be greatly appreciated.

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IDK. Hopefully the med switch will do you good. 3 weeks is a little too early IMO to judge whether or not it will be effective at controlling your symptoms.

I’m glad to hear you are getting all the resources you need for recovery.

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Lucifer isn’t a deity. It is a reference to either the King of Tyre or King of Babylon. Long dead. Read into this, it’ll shut the voices up about that specifically.

Make sure you continue to report homicidal thoughts to your psychiatrist.

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Please report to your pdoc that you’re having homicidal thoughts as soon as possible

I will, I see him in a week or so. I see my case manager and therapist tomorrow should I tell them? I don’t wanna get kicked outta my group.


You should tell your therapist tomorrow.

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Yes. Tell tomorrow.

Okay I will, thank you.

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the meds are only going to help your mental problem so much it sounds like you have deeper personal stuff that you need to work out. You have to try to find a way to over come these thoughts you have, work on changing your mind on things and maybe your thoughts will change, dont know

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