Breakthrough needed

It’s been days and days and years and years that life is just the same

No change

Sheer waste of time

Brain fcuked up

Brain all garbled up

No work no new skill learned no mental energy to learn new skill

No marriage no kids no nothing

Feels like a curse

What else could it be

It’s not just brain chemical imbalance but probably something demonic

Still unvaccinated, afraid of the needle

When will I be mentally healthy again

Breakthrough needed

Will it come to pass

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I feel that way sometimes too

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Ya certainly feels like that sometimes

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My experience is that, at best, the meds do 50% of the work. The other 50% is up to us. That’s where your breakthrough will likely have to come from.


Do you take an ad? You sound depressed.


Yes u r right the other 50% is us and the breakthrough will come from there but the disappointing part is that it is not coming and that’s why the frustration

Thanks for the advice though

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No I am not depressed never was

Wonder why u thought so?

and I don’t take any ad

Probably frustrated

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Are you doing therapy or CBT? Doing any therapy books at all? Do you have any hobbies to engage with or do you exercise regularly?

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No I m not doing anything u mentioned

All that I do is walking in the evening

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