Breaking the Relapse Cycle of Schizophrenia

Interesting news story from a while back:

Breaking the Cycle of Schizophrenia

SHE was 31, the mother of two young children, when she began to hear voices telling her that she was on a “holy mission” and had to sacrifice her children by killing them. The voices stopped only after she was hospitalized for schizophrenia and given antipsychotic medication.

But after she returned home, she stopped taking her medication, saying she no longer felt sick. The delusions and voices soon returned, and she was readmitted to the hospital.

“The third time this happened, we convinced her to take an injectable form” of the medication, said Dr. Peter Weiden, the woman’s psychiatrist. “Now she’s been well for a year and a half after leaving the hospital.”

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Yes but does she still have difficulties

Who wouldn’t lol, it’s a pretty crappy way to live sometimes lol.

Of course, because her choice has been removed.

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I’m somewhat free, and I think I’m a very rational person. But everyone can have a hard time with a condition like this. Right?

Here choice was removed due to the illness - she couldn’t think clearly and wanted to kill her children.


Should all schizophrenics have their ability to make rational decisions forcibly removed with a needle?

That’s very very true, I had attempts at my own life after first experiencing this illness. But I’m alive, I’m recovering, and I’m in love. I think she has a chance.

Usually, by the time a needle is forced on them-they are unable to string 2 words together*. Of course, I am speaking for some people-not all. This is the case of my son. He can also get violent. He also has just decided to stop taking his injections. I expect him to be in jail, or in the hospital in the next month or two.
So Yeah–some people need to have this decision forced on them.*


I’ve had one relapse and that was after almost one year of not being on Abilify. Since then I’ve not had any “relapses” in psychosis per se, just dealing with the numbness and sadness. The only other time I was close to relapse was when my uncle died.

So you think she should have the choice to be unmedicated and be a risk to her children?

No one has suggested that . Please tell me what is rational about hearing voices telling you to sacrifice your children?

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Injections made me well this time around
I wish it was more force able
I think it would save a lot of non complaints from ending their lives on the streets

Taking medication is ok for me,we must hold hope we can recover,with or without meds