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Where I live! We are expected to seye the medical doctors that come here, and I have been very unhappy with the medical services here. Ìwas have lived here for òver 3 ýrs, and have never had a full physical, and the only reason the blood clot in my leg was found ìwas because I insisted on going to the hospital. That was over 4 months ago, and it has not been checked since.
Ìwas am so tired of the negligence here, I decided to go to a private doctor. When I informed the administrator, she had a fit. She said if anything happens, I am going to havent to move out.
The doctor here sees you for under 5 minutes, and gets paid for a full visit, he does not even liseen to my heart or my lungs, and last time I had blood coming from my right ear and he did not even have an instrument to look in my ear. His response was that if it really bothered me, I can go to a on ear nose and throat doctor.
when you live in an assisted living facility, or at least some of themm, be prepared to be treated poorļy.

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Unfortunately I have found in the past that I don’t get the best medical care or the best doctors when I am using my Medicare and Medicaid. When you find private doctors or dentists who take Medicare or Medicaid they are often people who have just opened their practice and are trying to drum up patients to get a steady clientele and are thinking less of giving you good care and more of looking like they get a lot of business. It’s different from your situation but this is what I’ve found in several instances.


Dont let that womans threats scare you!
Do what you have to do to get good care.
Maybe you can sign up for social services and get a case manager to help?
This kind of stuff gets me angry!
Really, how can she threaten you with moving just because you want to choose another doctor?
Get an attorney**