Breakfast it's what's for dinner

I totally just cooked food that was meant to be for breakfast for dinnerit’s beginning to believe more in common than you knowhow many of you truthfully eat cereal for your evening meal to save money and how many of you have a three-course breakfast meal for dinnerthank you again for your time

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I’m guilty of that too. I eat cereal or oats for dinner every evening. I love breakfast foods. I used to make French toast and crepes for dinner when I was functioning higher.

But I’m pretty happy with my Coco Pebbles lol.

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I love breakfast for dinner. I had cereal for dinner tonight actually. Stuff like grits and eggs are good for dinner too.

I remember eating pizza for breakfast once :pizza: Hey, food is food, it is fuel for the body basically. I think that TV commercials make people believe that cereal is just for breakfast, meatloaf is for dinner, sandwiches are for lunch etc… I say eat what you like, when you like - there are no rules, this is not TV land - I also have had eggs for dinner

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I love eggs, the “morning star” brand veggie sausage and good toast. I often have a fried egg sandwich for dinner. Lunch is the big meal.


I love breakfast for dinner. Eggs and toast, bacon, pancakes, cereal… makes me hungry just thinking about it.

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I’m betting that the family restaurants that serve all day breakfast do a fair amount of business :wink: