Breakdown symptoms and doctor question

I was wondering if anybody really every had breakdown symptoms like me. I’ll tell you what they are. I start to think I’m in hell and the TV will like start talking about me in different ways. That’s my main symptoms.i could go into it further but it really gets complicated and scary

And to top it off I’m due for my shot and only have 2 paliperdone to last me through today and the weekend and it takes 4 3mg pills to get me right.

I have a question about my doctor also. I told her the truth that I have to take 4 pills to get right but she only wants me taking one. She gave me 7 pools last month or before to last till my next appt. I don’t know if she thinks I’m abusing them but she don’t give me many.

What should I tell her when I go to see her Monday. Should I say I just took one and lie or tell her the truth that I have to take 4 again which I already told her and see what she says? Like how should I approach that situation?

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