Break-ups hurt women more in the short term but men NEVER recover, researchers claim

I’m posting this, as I struggle with ‘The one that got away’ syndrome. Looks like I’m not the only one.


I think about the girl I did truly love sometimes. I don’t think this is true for everyone. I don’t desire to be with her, it’s just a memory even though I still see her occasionally.

Just speculating, and this probably fluctuates from person to person in both genders, but I think men might have a stronger predisposition to being possessive. It’s totally irrational as it implies superiority and upper ground on things, but traditionally that was how it was. When a man isn’t validated to fit that role, especially by someone he really wants to be with, it’s like the ultimate injury.

Some women are dominants though. They want to manage anything and everything, leaving the man to the more simple role.

I don’t know, generalities are bad. But rejection sucks all around.

Women don’t care.


Nah, the good looking ones just know they can get ■■■■■■ by pretty much any one. It’s a layer of security that most men don’t have.

If you really catch a girls mind they’ll think about you for years.

I have a brother and i tend to agree with this…

I had a rough time with my divorce - my ex wife simply moved on quite nicely.

Even though she was an out of control Borderline who in the end tried to destroy me, I was the one who had a difficult time moving on - I do believe in the research

I can believe this… I still lament some of my past relationships…

It might also be how it’s handled… when a guy dumps my sis… all her friends come over and start telling her what a looser the guy is… and how she can do better… she’s lucky to be rid of him… then they start recalling all the times the guy was a jerk… and they all go out to lunch to cheer her up.

Guys don’t do that sort of thing… we tough it out alone.


Yeah it makes sense. Once a man is heart broken, his heart stays broken forever. Even if it’s not about that one girl…even if he gets over “HER”, he still doesn’t get over the fact that his heart was broken like that. I just think a man can never “truly” love twice…doesn’t mean he can’t be in a loving relationship twice that works, but he’s never gonna be all lovey-dovey for a girl again.

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