Brainwashing heterosexuality

are you being brainwashed to be heterosexual?

  • yes
  • no

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this thread was inspired by a reply in pansdisease’s thread: “this is my life right now”

someone said I was brainwashed to be heterosexual.

probably because the person knew I never had a partner, even though I try

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Well I don’t think the idea is too rational, but maybe you could just be in denial of queer qualities you possess

that’s interesting. I never thought about it that way.

wait, nah. I’m genetically male, right? I was born with… that… and… that. moreover, I like females. so genetically, I’m heterosexual.

unless non-males can be born with… that… and… that, and can plant children. I’m heterosexual


I think a large portion of my sexuality came from brainwashing I experienced via demons/bad spirits but not my gender preference.

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I don’t think you can be brainwashed into one sexuality or another. You’re attracted to who you’re attracted to. You have no choice over that. You can choose what you act on, but that’s not the same thing.


I guess. but I think cj56 is questioning my gender. and my gender affects the definition of my sexuality. I think

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It’s all a little confusing to me, but I still stand by the idea that you don’t choose who/what you’re attracted to, or for that matter what gender you identify with.

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Yes. I fought this for many years, sometimes still. Or bisexual. Basically anything other than my current sexuality.

now I’m thinking that I’m single because other singles believe I wasn’t born male.
with advances in surgical technology, I can’t prove elsewise.

maybe it’s because I write poetry

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(of a person) sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex.
synonyms: straight

My son was “born with that and that” (?) He is male and identifies as male, and he’s homosexual, not heterosexual. He is a man and he’s sexually attracted to men. He was born that way, with that predisposition.

I can breathe easy now. I was born male because I can naturally make the "stuff."
only a few transsexual males can naturally produce the “stuff.” they would need to be born intersex.
since I’m born male and I like females, I think I’m heterosexual.

doesn’t matter if I have queer qualities: I was born male.

the question remains: can people be brainwashed to be attracted to non-males?

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If u have heterosexual parents then yea uve been a little brain washed. If u have gay parents its also possible to be brainwashed. Even watching tv and youtube and everything is sort of brainwashing u in a way. Its all just biased ■■■■

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if that’s the major source of the brainwashing, then I doubt I’m being brainwashed. I live in New York, where that would be illegal. and I have never been with a practitioner of such therapy. only person who had talked about sexuality with me is… me. I rarely talk about sexuality, even with the doctor.

seems I’m truly heterosexual, unless there are other forms of brainwashing out there.


Still am unsure what you mean by being brainwashed to be heterosexual.

read kindness’s post.
other than that, I really don’t know about brainwashing heterosexuality myself. someone just told me that I was brainwashed to be heterosexual

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Maybe they thought you were confused about your sexuality or something. Do you feel the urge to be with guys. If you don’t really then you are straight. Also did you want me to respond to you? You didn’t respond to me directly so I didn’t get the notification but it seemed like you did.

yes and no. as friends but not intimate partners.

I’ve made it quite clear to people that I’m into romancing non-males, time and time again.


You can be friends of either sex that doesn’t determine your sexuality. There was a time I thought the friend zone was okay because hey you got a friend out of it. Then I learned they just treat you like crap.

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