Brains vs brawn

So I used to be a hands on kind of guy, some people think they’re superior if they use their brain and not do labouring do you think this is right, I was tought the value of hard work, if your not moving than your not working and if they had a brain why would they look down on people

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I’m really clicking my mouse at work. I mean I’m REALLY clicking it.

That count?


There’s value in both, and society would cease to exist without people who are physical and people who are more analytical. As a former shelf stocker at a grocery store, I was happy to see that during covid people finally started appreciating the work people at grocery stores do.

I did a lot of manual labor behind a shovel when I was younger, heck I’m only in my early 30’s now, and I learned a lot of lessons doing that work. Now I’m focusing on working with my brain, because physical jobs aren’t kind to older bodies and I’m trying to get a jump on aging earlier than I need to.

I’m digressing, but my point is that our value as people isn’t based on our professions. Society would be a lot harder without engineers, but it would also be a lot harder without people to make getting products and food we need more convenient. What good is an engineer without the laborer to put their designs into action?

Anyone who thinks they’re superior because of what they do or how they do it is a fool. Pompous academia’s are just as annoying as working class hero’s. No one is better than anyone.


I’ve worked as a chef. I’ve worked as an I.T. specialist. I’ve worked as a video store clerk. I’ve driven a school bus and also a bulk fuel delivery truck. I’ve worked as a photographer. Now I’m an insurance broker. I do what I’m able to in order to pay my bills. I didn’t look down at truck driving as beneath me when it was the only job I could get.


I have 2 jobs right now.

My delivery driver job is blue collar physical labour

My computer technician job is very cerebral

I enjoy both for different reasons.

My delivery driver job is relaxing. I just drive around parts of the GTA listening to my favourite radio stations delivering stuff. It’s easy.

My technician job is fun because I get to play around with technology, challenge myself intellectually, which Ive been doing for a long time as a hobby anyways, now I’m getting paid for it.


GTA? What kind of car did you steal?


Greater Toronto Area

This is the car I just bought about a week ago…


Brain work can be hard too. Mentally taxing.

Ive done both. I prefer mind work if its not too complex.

I did lots of labour over the years and enjoyed it but i felt my body may wear out by age 40 so i switched to a job that isnt labour intensive.


Do you also do deliveries from the VW or do you still use the van for those?



My van was just my personal vehicle. I didn’t do deliveries in it. They asked me if I would be willing to use it for work and they would pay me more but I said no.

My delivery company supplies me with a company van (also a Dodge Grand Caravan) for deliveries.

The problem is my DGC guzzles gas and it’s costing me a lot to drive to clients, most of which are in Toronto which is a approximately 30-45 minute drive away, killing my profit margin.

The gas mileage in the golf is almost half of my van so I’m gonna save a ton of money.

I drove to Hamilton in my van and it cost me $45 in gas. I drove to Hamilton in my golf and it was $25 in gas.


I prefer jobs that I don’t have to take home with me.

When I was a surgical assistant, if surgery was over and everything was sterilized,

It was done.

With other jobs were I had to interact more with people and actually use my brain,

I hated it.

Worried about it at nights and on weekends.



I’ve worked all sorts of jobs. Physical labor and mental labor.

Farm hand
Nurse aide

Freelance writer

And others I don’t feel like listing, lol.


Smart man - that’s an IQ test and you passed. Too many of those services make money by offsetting vehicle costs to people who can’t do math (Uber, Skip, etc.)

Hoping you’re charging mileage?

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I’ve worked
Steel plant (brawn)
Tractor seat manufacturing/assembly (brawn)
Janitorial (Brawn)
Newspaper Delivery(Brawn)
Internet Sales Business(Brains)
Furniture Delivery(Brawn)
Electrical Work (Brains & Brawn)
Security Work (Neither Brains nor Brawn)


Paul Blart had both brawns and brains. Lol


You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

It’s not a line item on the invoice, but when I quote a client I take into consideration where they live to cover costs. I’m allowed to negotiate the price for any service I provide.

The problem is guessing how much gas will cost and if a customer will decide to pass on my services if I quote too high, and sometimes I’ll pass on providing the service because they offer too low.


You said it simply and true, there is no one that is better than anyone else.

I’ve worked pink collar jobs all my life - working in the restaurant business as a waiter for years then crossing over to the education field as a special ed teachers aide and substitute teacher for many years.

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Incorrect. I’m better than people who put the toilet roll in facing backwards.

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