Brains Say Everything that you See & Think...who would have knew?

Voices are part of the brain’s mental rhetoric.

What most people think of the rhetoric that people speak from their mouths or write doesn’t hold a candle to the “mental rhetoric” that the brain outputs in various forms such as the 5 senses, feelings, memory, thinking, proximity, mental proprioception, socio-propriation…

It is befuddling to hear a voice like you described simply because we have no culture that assumes that our brains are capable of rhetoric themselves, and that all that we have ever heard or seen etc has always been internalized never external. This false sense of self reality becomes a problem when our brain wants to be a rhetorician in these random ways where voices “seem to be coming from others external of ourselves.” It’s like the way movies depict the fake haunting fantasy.

In fact belief in fake fantasies from ancient and modern fables fuels the brain’s rhetoric in this undesirable and impractical way.

The brain processes the information it has, thus what you believe is the metaphor that it describes reality as.

I have had to learn that it is very metaphorical, and I must discipline what it can and can’t process as far as information goes, or it winds up in obsolete holes of failure, depression, and PTSD.

Yelling at my brain when no one is around has not been out of the question in the past year, and this stands far apart form yelling at its rhetoric or what we call voices as though those voices are are others to be yelled out. That action feeds the brain more information about what you are believing in, and its rhetoric that follows is accordingly subsequent. It’s actually fueling the brain to create more voices.

But if you yell at your own brain, and get it under control, that action has an effect on it that disciplines it. It does work for me, and I only do it when it gets to a point that I see that it can no longer reason without my authoritative command over it in an outward expression.

This doesn’t stand much different than how people will pep coach themselves in the mirror ordinarily and similar instances. But I can assure you that if I allowed people to hear me yelling at my idiotic, rhetoric gun happy brain like I do at times, they would never forget it, and it would affect how they behave around or in relation to me for the rest of my life. So you gotta be careful.

Just think of a brain like this…

…a brain’s voice is unheard and unseen, and only you inside of your brain can know what it is saying with it is the color of vision, or it is saying the sound of music, or it is saying a feeling or what have you. That’s how your brain talks which is also how it sees the world and itself etc.

When you finally realize that, you’ll finally realize so much more.

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What I really would want to ask neuroscientists, is if we have free will, or if our brain is bound to make certain ‘conscious’ decisions, or react in a specific way.

From a Taoist perspective I would say so, and that’s not including any fantasy mind connections with a universe or beings or other people etc which is ancient political sci fi propaganda and control ops.

If you take it from the Taoist non-dualist perspective we are not other than the universe, so what the universe is designed to do, we will do. The very way that the universe is designed is literally equal to our choices.

The universe is our choice.

What we do is the universe.

There’s no difference, and that is what is determined…

…by our choice…

…the universe’s choice…

…in the way it has been manifested through infinity.

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