Brain training app improves users' concentration

Results from the study showed a significant difference in attention as measured by the RVP. Those who played Decoder were better than those who played Bingo and those who played no game. The difference in performance was significant and meaningful as it was comparable to those effects seen using stimulants, such as methylphenidate, or nicotine. The former, also known as Ritalin, is a common treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Dr Savulich added: “Many brain training apps on the market are not supported by rigorous scientific evidence. Our evidence-based game is developed interactively and the games developer, Tom Piercy, ensures that it is engaging and fun to play. The level of difficulty is matched to the individual player and participants enjoy the challenge of the cognitive training.”

The game has now been licensed through Cambridge Enterprise, the technology transfer arm of the University of Cambridge, to app developer Peak, who specialise in evidence-based ‘brain training’ apps. This will allow Decoder to become accessible to the public. Peak has developed a version for Apple devices and is releasing the game today as part of the Peak Brain Training app. Peak Brain Training is available from the App Store for free and Decoder will be available to both free and pro users as part of their daily workout. The company plans to make a version available for Android devices later this year.


An excellent Android app that helped my concentration a lot is at the link below. You’ll need to download the APK and do a manual install of it on Android.

The app was developed by two of the Posit Science programmers.

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Is this safe to download or is it a virus? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

It’s safe. I installed it from that link with no issues.

I just did something similar to this like a week or two ago.
Mine was called brain tap(??) I think.
I sat in a dark room, in a comfy recliner with blankets. I put headphones on and then had a viser come down that had lights.
I sat there for an hour and listened to the 2 different speakers.

The one topic was neat. It told you to put my bad memories into old black and white photographs to seal them away per say.
So, I am making a recovery video!!

I am making a video using super Mario brothers layout and then mortal Kombat layout.
I want the mk trees to break me out of the hospital and then I will eat the peaches(instead of mushrooms) to grow bigger and stronger, lol. I am happy to have a new project.

So I downloaded it and gave it a shot. it’s actually one game on a brain training app called peak. This is how it works. It gives you a number, say 583. Then it shows you a bunch of one digit numbers in sequence. So on the screen you’ll see 1… then 3… then 6… and so on until you see 5, 8, and 3 all in a row then you tap the screen and get a point. The game lasts about a minute and usually you end up getting your number 5 or 6 times. So the niche of the game seems to be having a slow narrow point of focus. Most of the other games emphasize quick responses. It seems to me that the principal of the game is REALLLLY similar to meditation. The key difference being, and I guess it’s a significant one if your going to put in the amount of time needed to see results, is retaining that number while you watch the sequence. In meditation the point of focus is tactile rather then conceptual. BUT I really feel like the magic here is excercising your ability you look at one thing for extended periods of time. So I guess my two cents is if your going to try this app you might as well give mindfulness and meditation a shot too.

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Mediation has always made me sicker every time I’ve tried it. That’s off the menu.

Have you tried mindfulness or guided meditations?

Yes. Don’t work with a tinker’s damn for me.

Gotcha, I’m not perscribing meditation btw. I’m just saying that the things that make this game effective seem to me to be analogous to the things that make meditation effective.

playing chess boost brain health. Anyone on lichess apknite?

My concentration is relatively ok.