Brain 'signature' could help to diagnose schizophrenia


Nice article, I like science. I like this phrase from it because sadly many ppl believe schizophrenia is psychological, not medical:

“The disorder rather stems from many different DNA mutations, duplications, and deletions that cause the developing brain to go awry.”

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I hope they continue with this. It would be good to have something that could detect people at risk, aside from the obvious that they couldget help, it would be useful to know what the changes are that result in psychosis…


In the future, EEG microstates could even inform treatment and prevention strategies for this neuropsychiatric disorder. Knowing how the microstates contribute to schizophrenia could lead to personalized treatments using techniques that modulate brain activity patterns, Herzog says. “If we can improve even just the symptoms by a small factor, that would still be a major relief for the patients,” he says.


Until now,if there is a belief that sz is a genetic chronic disease,it just a “faith issue” unable to proof it scientifically !
They seek to ignore the following facts:
1-There is only one single gene for serious genetic disease
2-They can not clone the SZ
3-A similar model cannot be made in the lab tube

4-The sz cannot be made in an experimental animal
5- No chemical substance or mixture of several substance create the sz in test tube ,human being or animal
6-Until now,it is not possible to diagnose the symptoms, the pathogen body structure or the mechanisms steps

7-The gene represents the healthy condition,disease and the treatment
(such as diabetes and insulin )
8-treating of genetic disease over long-term do not cause serious disease that cannot be treated or cured from it
9- The effect of the drug on a person without sz for long term has negative aspects more than positive,it does not introduce the reality in thinking or increases the level of intelligence degree ,and it ends with a disease,it has a side effects that cannot be treated or cured from it

10-The medical intervention creates a fundamental change in the course of the sz ,at least it ensures the continuation of the biological life, this is without aiming / treating the cause of the sz itself at all
11- Despite any improvement in the severity of the symptoms by medication,the sz remains active / effective during the effects of the medication,the activity does not stop for one hour during the chronological life of the person ,except for one’s own effort

12-In many cases,the sz occurs for a person while there is no historical record of the sz in his family
It is radically different between the real and unreal:
:sz causes a genetic disorder by action of alien factor -not a part from the genetic material
and sz is a genetic disorder by action of genetic factor