Brain Science - $100 million Unlocking The Brain: Are We Entering A Golden Age Of Neuroscience?

found this on NPR this morning

I hope that money goes to the right place!
Saying prayers XXX

100 million for brain is not enough, usa gives 100 million to single nation as an aid.

Yep, first we have to invest 100 million to make a new brain that is smart enough to unlock the old one.

They are willing to spend billions of dollars for jails with mental illness but they are giving 100 million for brain research.

Now, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering a proposal to spend as much as $2.3 billion on a massive jail expansion, with a significant portion of that money going to facilities for mentally ill inmates, who currently make up nearly 20% of the jail population.

its gonna take more than 100m to fund the potential of neuroscience…I think Bill Gates’ or Warren Buffet’s fortunes combined cannot be enough to fund nanotechnology that could be implanted in brains. Maybe by the end of my life, I am 21, they will be MAYBE getting their hands into that sort of stuff.

But billions upon billions will go to freaking stadiums and entertainment instead.

Dont get me started on politics, LOL

I want cybernetic limbs and brain implants. I want a miracle pill for schizophrenia. I want to be normal, not endure shitty side effects and have my symptoms come back whenever I am too stressed or sleep deprived. They are working on a new generation of antipsychotics, a miracle pill might be available within my lifetime, but for now I have some serious side effects and my life is limited by my illness- I want to go with a friend out in the country to launch fireworks and spend the night, but I sleep too much and require caffeine the moment I wake up, then I require a full meal because my medications must be taken with 400 calories and all of the three macronutrients…sigh…im alone on the fourth of July watching anime. A friend did stop by earlier and we chatted, and I was invited to do something, but my illness got in the way of having a perfectly normal life today.

Other than not being able to spend the night out in MS, I live in TN, I did have a normal day. I even worked out and I am pretty built. I had a drink and grilled dinner with my dad. I saw an old friend. I didnt hear voices or experience delusions today. But I did have to drink two strong cups of coffee, an energy drink and then a preworkout in order to feel up to an hour long workout. I slept for 9 hours but still felt tired.

Anyways, 100m for research is insulting.

Its currently 100m each year for 10 years but there wanting more funding heres the link.

This spending in brain science is just 0.00004% of the amount that the US has spent in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. How sad. I like the European approach better.


Spending in brain science is just 0.0000058% of current US national debt.

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