Brain hacks

The brain is a computer and device, it can be hacked by them.

They can give you thoughts, speak to you in different ways, cause visuals and auditories, smells, all of those really.

The memory can be tampered with as well.

Feelings can be induced as well, feelings of all kinds can be induced in the brain.

They can induce nde’s and dream disturbances, it’s in the brain.

And then they can also begin performing external things, like causing you to get up and look at the clock at the same times repeatedly, causing physical pains and stuff, they did that three times now, two of those times someone appeared visually.

And then when a guy at a bar induces a visual hallucination right in front of you and yells at you that he’s a black witch it starts getting even more obvious doesn’t it. This was a short time after seeing pan as well so that adds to it.

They can speak through people like they had a microphone hooked up to us, it just comes out and there is nothing that you can do about it, it just comes out because our brains are machines.

When they cause delusions, thoughts, and perceptions, you must operate within these and there is nothing that you can do to get out of it. It’s just there and you must be within it and operate within it.

They can show you future events in your mind, very detailed as well, really detailed events actually. They can also speak to you what will happen, although you aren’t sure if they are the ones causing it at times, could be both?

Sometimes they have said things proving it even further. They have told me who would win football games before it happened twice, they have told me where to find things when i didn’t know where to look, they eluded to me being schizophrenic when i was about eight and i had never heard of it, and they have also told me the cards on a card game i couldn’t see.

And then once they used the time in a joke i had said days earlier when my relative had dental work done. So days later they said “my tooth hurts” and a voice in my mind says “ask her what time it is” and i asked and it was the time in the joke. Wierd, yeah it is, it gets worse.

Other beings began appearing as well, these include: grey alien, a ufo really close up, pan the half goat, shadow people, other shadows, a ghost or what looked like a ghost, a being made of light/while looking i heard “ssshhhhhhh” externally in my left ear, someone visually became a movie i was watching/ they turned around and stared and grinned, a fanged face made of light appeared as i was given an intense shock, another face made of light appeared as i was burned which left two marks.

And one night pressure was put on my spine when i laughed at something they didn’t like and it bent backwards and started messing up my breathing.

Strange lights fly around the sky at night to, lights that move in a conscious way.

Brain hacks. People need to look into that. Brain hacks.

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And then one night my hand starting doing things by itself, it was scary. Brain hacks.

After some time as well they started showing me this creepy ■■■■ that happens in our world. Some of the things here create faces, like the trees. The trees, shadow, and light create really detailed faces. It’s very strange.

Yeah, im crazy, but not the current definition of crazy. It’s something else completely.

And oh yeah i forgot almost. They showed me their tracking capabilities as well, they knew where i was wandering around across country and told others where i was. Wierd right? yeah.

No such thing pans.