Brain --- Goodbye. Final goodbye

Brain — Goodbye. Final goodbye.

I’m using CoQ10 and PQQ and together they solved my problem and, schizophrenia is no longer a problem.

Weak mitochondria is the problem.

Sagar Gorijala’s only quote is going to be typed here and all other quotes are not necessary and can be considered as garbage.

The Quote is,

Existence is all about relating to multiple possibilities and in effect is a single actuality.

By Sagar Gorijala.


Final Goodbye.



Goodbye buddy take care…

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Good quote. I am thinking about it. How did you come up with it?

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I came up with a different quote and I posted it earlier and that similar quote posted earlier has the word

contradiction and then I google searched for the meaning of the word EXISTENCE

and then I found words

[ relate to ] and [ in effect ] and finally I got the perfect quote and sunlion you like the perfect quote.

And now I, in the last couple of minutes read it again which I wrote on thick paper yesterday and understood

that the problem and solution is all about

[ relating to ] and then I remembered that some guy posted on this forum

[ relate to surroundings ] and I came back to post it here.

And, then I read sunlion post and I thought is it sunlion

no it is Twang

All the time Twang already posted the truth

and the truth was under our noses all the time

and damn I finally reinvented the wheel

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Are u off medication sagar bhai…!!! I am on rispredal and seroquel…

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I was taking 20 mg olanzapine once in a week or once in 10 days and every time I take 20 mg olanzapine my depression gets worse and I am happy when I am not taking antipsychotics

and I realized Dave Asprey’s book Head Strong talked about solving brain problems in 2 weeks and even though I didn’t read the book, even after buying it and sending it to you guys via personal message

I did find that his book says improving mitochondria health

and I found pqq increases mitochondria and ordered it and after using it for a couple of days I was able to sleep

and my anger became zero and my delusions were in manageable and I realized I will also use Coq10 and L-tyrosine

L-tyrosine doesn’t seem to help. Depression has already removed Dopamine related functions in my brain

So, I noticed PQQ and CoQ10 are working wonders for me and I am no longer taking medication-antipsychotics

and I am happy.

And I searched internet and found this website

and ordered

PQQ, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyle L Carnitine and NAD+ from Amazon India

and I must say improving mitochondria health was always the solution

and I also read that SR9009 SARM also increases mitochondria but it is expensive and I think is not available in India even with Worldwide shipping.

Clearly improving mitochondria health improved my mood, my anger became zero, my negative thoughts became zero and my delusions are no longer a problem and I don’t want to take antipsychotics anymore.

That is all.


Goodbye for now. See ya later. Bye.


Sagar u may relapse very soon…if zyprexa is giving u depression why dont u switch medication…

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