Brain filled with cement

that’s my only symptom.
do I have sz?

Unlikely. But I’m confused by your previous comments. You said you had never heard of sz until a week ago, but also that everyone in your family has it.

Why do you suspect you have sz? You said you’ve never seen a psychiatrist, but if you suspect something is wrong I really suggest you do. There are assistance programs that can help. I’d be more than happy to help you find some.


invasive thoughts. I did suffer from severe b12 deficiency

feel trapped in my own mind.
other people control how i feel

I’m not a doctor, but I would suspect a lot of things before I would jump to sz with what you’ve said.

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Why don’t you meet a psychiatrist? What is your life like? :slight_smile:

sit on computer all day. smoked marijuana for years. was anti social.never smiile or eye contact.

no positive symptoms tho

A lot of perfectly typical people don’t make eye contact or smile. Those are not symptoms.

Are you a concrete thinker? Ok joking aside. If you think you have problems the sooner you seek help the better. Can you explain what you mean by “filled with cement” ? How does this affect you?

Great question to ask your doctor. I’m not a doctor. I’m not aware of any users here who are doctors. Finally, getting diagnosed by a bunch of strangers on the Internet - not a great idea.