Brain damage claim leads to new row over electroshock therapy


I would never do ECT. Seems too invasive and brutal.

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I interact with several psychiatrists and psychologists on Twitter about this and several other issues. I’ve blocked Professor Read because he talks a lot of butt gravy about ECT and other mental health issues.

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I trust doctors. They wouldnt give you electroshock therapy if it wasnt good for you. Like pills

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I dont trust doctors, because they have lied to me a billion times. I would never have ECT, but I never really looked into it. It’s just not an option for me.

I think other people should be able to get ECT. But only by their own choice. And after being very carefully informed about both sides of the debate. It might work. It might not. It might cause brain damage. It might not (even if i find that highly unbelieveble). One person may feel desperate enough to want to give it a try. The other may not. One doctor may be totally opposed to it. The other totally in favour. I think people should know that it’s just not that clear. Then it’s on them to see if the want to take the risk.

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All I know about ECT was one of the times I was hospitalized. We have two psychiatric hospitals/units here, one on either side of the harbour. I went to the one that isn’t so great once and they do ECT there. They couldn’t eat in the mornings and would be wheeled down to the place where they administered it. I remember one woman would always cry after she came back from her procedure.

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i had ect when i first got sick well in my twenties i started symptoms in high school

it was my third or forth hospitalization when i was dx with severe depression with psychotic episodes

i was so sick i tried suicide 3 times while in hospital that time

they got me to sign up for ect trial telling me if i did it they would let me go home for christmas after being there since august

i had 26 treatments in less than 2 months

one time they burned my head and another time they forgot the anesthesia so i felt it

needless to say it didnt work

but i have talked to many people and some praise it saying it was the best thing they ever did

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I actually remember hearing two stories in my direct environment.

One good. The lady was left totally emotionally numb by benzo’s. The ECT brought her feelings back a bit. I don’t know if it lasted, may have been temporary.

The other bad. The lady had always worked in a very social place. Now she couldnt remember any of the people she worked with. She was sad and desperate. Just couldn’t recognize people she had known for ages. I have read one in three or so has significant memory issues after.

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