Brain contractions, tremors?

Its like if my brain is contracting painfully for a couple of seconds, not a full headache. It makes me close my eyes and move my head from pain.
Its automatic, like a reflex.

Is this normal?

I hope its not stroke, I am obese 285lb, 43 BMI, have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Call a doctor. Right now. It could be normal, but if it is a new occurance, you need to be evaluated.

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I get these fluid like squish sensations in my brain

@Aziz just checking in. How are you doing?

I will retry finding the clinic’s email bcz I need to do a blood test too for high cholesterol, the clinic is closed (I think no receptionist) and no one is answering, that’s what my mother said. I will lookup the clinic’s website.

Ok their reception is closed but their voucemail said to send an email so I sent one to take an apt for me and my mother. I hope nothing serious and that my cholesterol is normal.

Please call the on-call nurse.

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They’re gone now. I don’t know what’s on call nurse is in Canada and in french. Emergency is at least 4 hours waiting. If it happens again Ill call 911 and talk to the ambulance.
Thanks for caring.


Well guess what, these brain cramps are gone after I upped my Risperdal from 3 to 4mg. Its a sign of psychosis, I remember having them when unmedicated. Also no more paranoia outside the house.

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(((Off Topic Slightly)))

I Once Laughed. And Laughed. And Laughed. And Laughed. And Was Confused.

And Laughed Some More.

Then I Realized Something…,

When You Laugh, Your Brain is Stuttering.

Does Anyone Else Think That May Be True (???).

I get that when I laugh for no reason. I can’t stop my brain from laughing and my thoughts stutter.
Its painful.

It may be due to mild stroke which doesn’t require treatment. Stroke becomes an issue when artery is fully blocked by clots. Anyway keep your blood cholesterol under control by controlling your diet and lifestyle.

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