Brain cleaner and Brain cleaner 2

There was a time when i found it hard to remember things. I couldn’t remember a phone number i just dialled. I found this the things from this list got the goop in my head to flow out. And my memory got better.

Please see doctor before trying.

Brain cleaner

• Alzheimer’s pills or turmeric nuts
-Brown food ( curry ) is high in turmeric nuts. Its ground up and put in it. The yellow powder.

• Green tea

  • The first time I drank green tea. I drank like 10 cups maybe more. I was using it as mix. I actually started to feel stuff move in my head. Like boom, clear that stuffed head. My head feels like its gonna explode when I start drinking a lot of green tea. You might want to ask a doctor how much is okay to drink

• Alcohol

  • Red wine is what got alcohol on the list. I though Donini collection merlot worked best.

• Anti-Aging products foods

  • Antioxidants is what makes it anti-aging. Red wine and Green tea have a lot of antioxidants.

• Cold

  • Shock yourself with cold, Shiver a little. Don’t go trying to catch a cold.

• Power aid

  • I think it was the electrolytes.

• Vitamins

  • Getting my daily doses made me feel better

• Think

  • Force yourself into situations that make you think. Improve your memory too a little.

• Sleep

  • There’s a special way to sleep. Its called rem sleep try it. Also try sleeping without an alarm clock and when you get up go write back to sleep.

• Smell things

  • Smell the air, Smell good smells, Smell bad smells. I wanna try smelling some of that smell salt.

• Laugh

  • Joking around, Making jokes, listening to them, Having fun with people

• Warming your head

  • On really cold days. O my way to work there were heaters. I stood under them.

• Chocolate

  • Dark chocolates the health one but I like milk more

• Blood pressure

  • Temporarily increasing your blood pressure. Better talk with a doc on that first.

• Light exercises

  • Not being a couch potato. Lots of people advertise doing something for like 20 minutes a day or under an hour stuff.

• Talk and listen

  • Your using your brain. Talk angry too, Sometime.

• Hair cut

  • Just felt better after I got a hair cut. Less hair on my head. Feel the breeze flow through. Maybe it’s a stress thing.

• Read

  • Read out loud in your head. Try retaining what you just read.

Thank You
Ajmeet Singh

Brain Cleaner 2

• Hot sauce

  • Its that shock again when you toss a little hot sauce in your mouth. When you eat enough of that stuff. It does something similar to the red wine.

• Heavy Exercise

  • Weights, running, sex. Work up that sweat.

• Writing

  • Ya writing things down too.

• Sprite / 7 up

• Eating healthy

  • I can feel the fat go through now after I eat. It easy to say after that. Betta watch what you eat.

• Finger tip exercises

  • I can literally feel stuff fall of from the sides by moving my fingers.
  •  Typing or texting 

• Meditating

• Red bull

  • To let you know what an alert mind is like

Thank You
Ajmeet Singh

P.S. I lost my original 2nd list. Sorry if anything missing.

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Some seem like good ideas, some not so much.

I was really skinny at the time and not eating a whole lot. Every thing that felt like was working i added to the list. You won’t believe how bad schizophrenia is when you got a brain that doesn’t remember your own thoughts.


Have you ever heard of a WRAP? It stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It’s a way of organizing your treatment for your illness. It’s similar to your list in many ways. It was designed by Mary Ellen Copeland.

Unfortunately, instead of giving this good idea freely to people with mental illness, she charges you for books, videos, or classes on how to create one. I hear the classes are quite expensive. She has an extensive page on copyright and seems a little obsessive about it.

I won’t publicly advocate piracy but…

This stuff is copyrighted. I don’t know when she wrote her list but if it was written around the same time as mine it was stolen from me.

Sorry no I have never heard of that person. I got everything on this list from personal experience.

I mean that the idea of writing things down that help was similar. I know that you created your list yourself.

I had to write things down. I didn’t want to forget it. I started taking note cause I wanted to write and know what was going on in my head. There was always a plan to write the paper. Cause no one was talking about how the voices are real people. I took all my point form notes and put it in to paragraphs. Then edited and edited and edited until I realized that hey I edited this yesterday.

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The 3 most important ones are the first 3. Red wine, turmeric nuts or what ever form you buy it in, and green tea.

I find that my antipsychotic medications really clean my brain. They make it normal. Well not normal but close enough.

Sorry these are actual brain cleaner lists made to actually clear out the brain. It makes it easier for people with schizophrenia to live out their daily life. Makes it easier for a person to remember and gives them more control of easier for a person with schizophrenia to live their life.

Ok, you said it, LOL…some of that stuff isn’t so good for you.

Instead of soda that has a lot of bad sugars in it, try sparkling juice drinks that are 100% juice and bubbly.

Bee pollen is good too.

Ginkgo Biloba is good for memory.

The turmeric and green tea at the top are good ones.

And fish…like they said when i was a kid fish is brain food…it’s mainly the Omega 3 oils…
But there is also the little known and little talked about omega 7 oil too… Macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn have this, or you can get it in capsule form…

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Sorry person. I don’t drink soda normally. But Sprite and 7up works. I just drank some Sprite the other day and it worked again. Every now and then it comes with food ordered. Or mix needed.

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