Brain bank?

I have just arranged to have my brain go to a brain bank for medical research when I die. I actually feel really good about it. I feel like I am making a real contribution to the search for a cure. Has anyone else considered it?


I seen on a news report the other day about donating to research, might look into it

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That’s an awesome thing to do! I’m going to be a future research cadaver also!

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I don’t think there is a cure to schizophrenia. It’s like trying to make somebody forget who they are. Not possible.

I’m an organ donor, so I hope I can help people in that way. As for schizophrenia, I see answers coming more from psychology than psychiatry.

id like to make a withdraw please…


I’m sorry, sir, you have insufficient funds.


I wish my dead body left alone completely.

And just thrown out in the street or a field and left to rot.

Perhaps in front of a mall?

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It should be mandatory.

Mandatory… I don’t want any part of me missing when I die! Making it mandatory is not cool. But I do wanna become a tree.

Is it cool that someone have to die because you think that it is cool that your corpse should rot in the grave?

Dude dude I’m not asking anyone to die and I just put I don’t wanna be in a casket I wanna help the ecosystem

Your corpse is too precious, the cows’ excrements are enough for the ecosystem.

Oh yeah how bout the greenhouse gas emissions if don’t do something such as plant more trees then there will be no planet earth!

Corpses are not that good at planting trees…

Actually they have found human ashes are very good for trees.

Do you know how many trees a living person could plant?