Brain activity pattern may be early sign of schizophrenia



For example, in most people, a part of the brain known as the superior temporal gyrus, which is involved in auditory processing, is highly connected to brain regions involved in sensory perception and motor control. However, in patients who developed psychosis, the superior temporal gyrus became more connected to limbic regions, which are involved in processing emotions.



I find it hopeful that they will be able to develop some kind of brain training app, since connectivity is changeable.


They could probably do something like this already, in a similar way to how they design EEG games where people play the game using EEG signals. Maybe by combining fMRI and EEG data.


Yes I have heard of a game used with an MRI machine, but obviously not for home use.

Edit: they can probably use other tech besides MRI.


Yeah, I imagine that if they use EEG, they can design the game using fMRI as well (to make sure that they are targeting the right areas). At least if the target is connections between limbic areas and the superior temporal gyrus, since those are rather large areas. The EEG AFAIK won’t be very effective for measuring activity in limbic areas, but it should do well with the STG, and it won’t be hard to affect limbic areas even without measuring the activity there, so it should be possible to strengthen connections between the STG and limbic areas by ensuring that they are activated simultaneously in a game that trains you to do this well.


I don’t know how that works, but I am reminded of that successful Turkish case study series using QEEG.


Which study is that? I think I remember you posting it here.



Yes, I remember that one! That was really interesting!


The schizophrenia from the first onset moment to the end of lifetime,do not development a change in both of the psychological component itself or the anatomical structure.

The basic schizophrenia process has issues suddenly as an Integrated Package,consist of a moved visual influences,phonetic-auditory and emotion (feeling)

A single pulse consist of a moved picture, uttered voice and feel ,follow by an integrated mental package responses (reactions),it is repeated itself like that each 3 seconds

The mental responses (reactions) do not generated or/controlled by brain areas of perception,i.e the mental explanation of the influence is spontaneous without self interference !

I.E the pulse itself consist of the Action data + Reaction in the same time !
the influences are understood by its nature without making any mental action to understanding the influence content at all !

Notice that,the Effect of the inner vibrant influence (pulse) is different about the effect of all external sensory influences in action /reaction
For example; the voice is audible and understood without self mental function
i.e the whole integrated package be emitted internally as an understood/explained sign without nothing you do -
Do you understand what I try to say ?
The abnormal brain connections will be happening only during the activity of the schizophrenic process,during the launching of integrated package pulse - during the actions and reactions,during the voice broadcasting,hearing voice, seeing the incorporeal moved people and the emotion manifestations -all these phenomena does not exist before the sz birthday !

The pulsing factor ( integrated influence) is external from the first early moment of sz to the ending of lifetime ,not biological or psychological
Before Sz occurrence,Where from there is a brain activity pattern may be early sign of schizophrenia -while during the sz events there is no any changes in the anatomical structure or the psychological component themselves !

There is no changes during the sz,how can belief that there is a changes before the sz ?


If we dismiss all aspects of characteristics related the Sz cause (pulses generator),and looking to single aspect of its functional activity,the Sz cause has acts as a stimulating factor for the higher mental processes ,emotion and behavior responses

The functional output of the Sz cause in itself is a supernatural higher mental process supported with a specific feeling and prompting (push) the behavior response to done,these characteristics will interference (linking/connecting) with the original higher mental process which be treated now by brain/mind of the person ,

the time of the bilateral interaction /reactions (about 3-6 seconds)between the sz cause and self higher mental process is an Antagonist Process for the next self higher mental process,it is blocking the pathway of the next normal higher mental process

-the person can not thinking or doing anything during the time of interaction/reaction (the time of effect and impression ),all inner pathways become blocking for awhile (3 seconds for action/ 3 seconds for interaction)
-Inflowing the self thoughts ,sensory perception outputs, the current feeling,retrospected memory events,the current imagination,the current behavior outputs will stop working immediately during the time of effect/impression,the owned mental functions stop working completely during the time of effect/impression

  • During the time of effect/impression ,both of the brain/mind of the person become isolated about the external environmental influences inputs or the mental/behavior outputs

-the person has senses already the external world, but the signs of definition function does not working during the time of effect/impression ,cut off the connection linkage between brain/mind and the external influence
(the coding/decoding for the influence/definition will be blocking )

-All external environmental influences become Just an inputs without brain/mind outputs
-i.e there is no definition for the sensory inputs,and there is no renewed thoughts or executed behavior ,all normal mental life manifestations stop working during the time of effect/impression (ebb and flow)

-In any moment of waking time,sz cause is in active state,do not stop working through out the expanded tape of time towards the frontal direction ,it is repeats itself periodically each small period of time (any positive part of time )

The Sz cause wants the brain/mind functions in a fit healthy condition in order to practices the basic schizophrenic process,which aiming to has bilateral connection with the cognitive content of the higher mental process

The sz cause has attacks the individual thoughts content,self-knowledge,personal cultural content,the human relationships and the religious beliefs ,and has seek (all time of attention) to falsification the individual knowledge concepts,the sz cause can not achieves his aims if there is an actual brain disease preventing the natural pathways of the higher mental processes !!

therefor the schizophrenia do not causing real actual brain disease for lifelong like all classical genetic diseases because it needed the brain/mind in a fit healthy condition to practice its life circle on the cultural content (it is feed)

THIS means that,the effect of sz cause do not aiming causing never-ending genetic disease/ or even a disorder for the brain/mind ,do not preventing the activity of the mental functions forever but it using the mental function to its own account for awhile (between 3-6 seconds) in periodical form-this is critical point to understand the nature of the basic schizophrenic process

for example,if someone has a neurosis disease or/disability preventing the natural pathways of the higher mental processes for lifetime ,then there is no possibility for schizophrenia occurrence

in general,every thing (anything) has the ability to preventing the natural pathway of the higher knowledge processes,has acts as an antagonist for the sz occurrence (natural immunity against the schizophrenia)
but you can not using this characteristic to treatment the schizophrenia after it is occurrence ,because the person has needs his owned higher mental processes to deal with all daily life events


That link doesn’t work anymore unfortunately. It links to csub neurofeedback page instead. The full text pdf can be downloaded at research gate.

Also I contacted through facebook the psychiatrist who did this study (Dr. Tanju Surmeli). I asked him if he could take a look at my QEEG and suggest some neurofeedback protocols. Unfortunately he charges $1500 and only for the first 40 sessions. After that he would need a new QEEG and another $1500. I can’t afford this at the moment. I just wanted to post this here for the people who may be open to this kind of treatment and can afford it. I’ll let you all know when I get into this and update with my results.


The schizophrenia health condition is independent,not rooted from the biological health condition or psychological
-it was embodied as a whole living health condition for an inhumane meta psychic creature beside the human health condition (side by side)

  • it is a freely psychic component in absolute state without it has a biological structure or function
    -it makes a bilateral linking just with the human psychic component ,both of them are become in united texture all time of waking as if they are single psychic component
  • the human being has perceives the existence of the health condition of sz by the same mechanism that he perceives himself ,but defines it as a Strange psychic component
    -the human being has remains perceives himself as normal , over and above perceives the existence of the strange psychic creature in the same time along the waking time
    -it makes a higher communication channel with the conscious state of the human being,to exchange the cognitive information between together in 2-ways by force
    -schizophrenia health condition are just a strange body (strange psychic )has exists and acts in the place-time of the basic psychic component of the human being
    -schizophrenia health condition does not linking with the anatomical structure or working on the mental chemistry which related the higher cognitive processes
    -there is no bilateral connection between the sz health condition and the personal information that be stored in the memory area,therefore it can not working on the cognitive experiences that stored in the memory area
  • there is no bilateral connection between the sz health condition and all sensory inputs singles (the influences of the external world)
    -it does not exists or working in the subconscious state
    it is exists and working functionally in the place-time of the conscious state,attention,waking and the present time ,and has all information from the basic psychic component of the human being (host)
    -practically, by its linking/interference with the psychic component ,it has the full ability to receives all information from the thoughts content that running in the conscious mind of human being,it knows everything (anything) from the thoughts content/emotion of the host !

Schizophrenia health condition has repeats itself periodically by attacking the thoughts content of the host One by One,it is repeats each thought output Verbally,and has seeks to modification"sabotage"
the basic cognitive concept in order to makes the modified concept outside of rationality , reality and logically,and printing the delusional concept by force in personal memory area during the Feedback process to becomes a part from the cognitive experiences of the host ,to using it during the interaction with the daily life events in order to producing unexpected behavioral response

ALL of this means that, the sz has attacks the thoughts content OUTPUTS during its path in the conscious mind area ,and do not attacking the brain knowledge cells which producing the perception(definition) or the electrochemical signs,

The effect does not occurs inside the brain thinker cells but occurs AFTER each thought output,therefore there is no any changes in the anatomical structure or/ in the brain chemicals
because the sz has attacks only the understood sign output (the understood thought) without crippling definition process or blocking the sending process of the electrochemical sign

you can not diagnosis the sz before its occurrence or during or after ,because it is smartness disorder in the heart of the understood cognitive message,and it is not classical organic disorder