Braces and me

A simple task that I struggle with . It doesn’t matter so much indoors that they’re twisted as can be. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell that they are. When I was able to walk to the cafe for a breakfast I reckon people who saw me must’ve thought 'Look at that twat with the twisted braces,he must be a bit simple '. If my s/dau takes me to appointments etc she invariably has to adjust my braces.

Yet, I’m far from simple.NTs have a brain - good, bad or medium, for all seasons. I have a brain that goes from gifted to impaired, depending on the situation.


When you say braces, do you mean suspenders?

They are called suspenders here in the states.

I usually don’t have trouble with my suspenders.

But I do have some trouble getting them fastened to my pants.

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Yes, that’s what mean.

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At least you have a gifted brain in your spectrum - you are lucky to have that. I’ll bet if I wore braces I’d end up in a mess too.


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