Boys more likely to have antipsychotics prescribed, regardless of age

“Boys are more likely than girls to receive a prescription for antipsychotic medication regardless of age, researchers have found. Approximately 1.5 percent of boys ages 10-18 received an antipsychotic prescription in 2010, although the percentage falls by nearly half after age 19. Among antipsychotic users with mental disorder diagnoses, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was the most common among youth ages 1-18, depression was the most common diagnosis among young adults ages 19-24 receiving antipsychotics.”

This seems to support the interpretations offered in other research about the use of oxyctocin as an adjunct tx for sz. (Girls tend to have more endogenous Oxt than boys.)

A kid on my old bus route was diagnosed with ADHD. Very bright kid. Very busy kid. Not so busy once on meds, but not so bright, either. It’s a shame that it is preferable to carpet bomb a child’s mind into manageability rather than investing the necessary resources to cultivate it. No telling how far this child could have gone with proper supports in place. No, we need to put that $$$ into crap windmill subsidies instead. Govt priorities y’know. (Anyone who supports wind power only does so because their math skills are deficient.)


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My second last hospital they asked me to fill out an aggression form. Was a new hospital for me so hadn’t ever filled out one before. No idea what it all meant . But anyway male’s automatically scored one point. Have doctors never dated or something?

Ju do not understand! Und ju never will! Vat is gutt fer der Fatherland is gutt for everyvun! (Ve must haf Order!)

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In my experience aggression in hospital is not helped by staff who like to goad the patients