Boyfriend doesn’t believe me

I don’t think that my boyfriend believes that I hear voices… I have had them since my first episode back in October 2016.

I get them especially when I’m trying to go to sleep and I don’t have background noise on to distract myself.

So I was trying to go to sleep the other night but I was having them really badly. So I got up to go outside for a cig because I was getting upset with what they were saying and he followed me outside and asked what was wrong…

So I told him that they were basically telling me to kill myself and I SWEAR I heard him whisper “bullsh*t”

This really spun my head out as I have no reason to lie about this and I go out of my way not to talk about my voices as I want to feel normal.

My point of view was kinda that I don’t need him to believe me and I don’t have anything to prove. But at the same time it hurts me to think that he doesn’t trust me on this? :frowning:


One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is hearing people whisper negative statements under their breath. It’s a hallucination, don’t worry.


When I first started to have intrusive thoughts, my mom didn’t believe me. It hurt because I basically poured my heart out to her and she betrayed me by calling me a faker and an attention seeker. It still makes me angry.

Would your boyfriend be open to a conversation about the topic? Maybe he’s having trouble wrapping his mind around it and just needs some explanation.


When my now husband and I were dating,

He didn’t believe I had schizophrenia.

I was working, had a full social life and was generally put together.

Eventually, he came around, but only after witnessing the psychosis himself.

I think that schizophrenia/hearing voices is scary and unrelatable to most people,

They just prefer not to believe it.

Its not something like depression where most people feel they have experienced similar symptoms,

Hearing voices is just off the “normal” charts.


I don’t like his reaction.

When I told my husband (then boyfriend) I was experiencing symptoms like that, he was uncomfortable and asked if he could help, then promptly changed the subject when I said no.

This guy straight up is trying to call you out and that seems aggressive.

Regardless of what the problem is, he failed to support you in a time of need and for me, that would be a problem.


I agree! I am almost certain he didn’t say ‘■■■■■■■■’

I just don’t think a guy sleeping next to you at night, would say ‘■■■■■■■■’ makes no sense. He probably has no clue what it’s like and had nothing to say.

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On the other hand I am so functional, people around me have no clue I have a MI

@naturallycured I just don’t believe every whisper is a hallucination, I know a lot of them are but surely not every single one. Regardless it won’t stop playing on my mind :frowning:

@Sardonic I had a similar reaction from my mum when I told her about my intrusive thoughts too :(.But it’s a form of OCD! Also I don’t know how I’d even start that conversation, I kinda clam up with stuff like this :frowning:

@anon54386108 first of all, thank you for not just writing this off as a hallucination! I think it’s so easy for people to be like oh it’s just your mental health when sometimes it really isn’t.
It is a problem but I have no idea how to fix said problem… and it shouldn’t have to take full on seeing an episode for it to click into place that these things happen-.-

@mermaid1 I wouldn’t of thought that would happen either but it has and I dunno maybe I did just hallucinate it but I’m pretty sure I didn’t :frowning:


I feel like you should talk to him about it.

Ask him if you guys can chat about what happened the other night,

Tell him whatever you want about your symptoms,

But you should be able to gauge from there what his attitude is about it all.


Maybe he was trying to say the voices are ■■■■? Like I mean he was saying ‘oh that must be ■■■■ for you’?

I’ll try!! Just a bit nervous too is all :expressionless: he said in the beginning that he finds all that stuff interesting and that he thought it was a gift. Don’t know if I agree with that like haha.

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I mean that’s a positive spin, maybe even if he didn’t mean it like that, I’m gonna take it as he meant that as it makes me feel better haha


Good! I am glad!

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I dated a guy that thought my voices were a gift,

It got weird.

Be careful with yourself and don’t be afraid to take some alone time if you need it.

Yea I would def talk about it with him so it doesn’t continue to play on ur mind

the first people i told i was hearing voices to was my partner and our best friend. well neither believed me until i had the first official major breakdown then my partner believed me but not our friend after the hospitalization our friend kind of dropped off and we never saw her again.

i know when people don’t believe it can hurt. if they feel like you are trying to get attention just don’t make them doubt yourself you know what you are experiencing.

You can hallucinate people speaking under their breath? I’ve heard so many people whisper things under their breath… The sucky thing is people actually do that, so how are we supposed to make heads or tails of when people are being passive-aggressive? I feel like this is an instnace of gaslighting, sorry. I refuse to believe that I can’t trust my ears.

EDIT: For advice, I’d echo others saying you should take some time to cool off regardless. He’ll come around eventually.

There have been times when I clearly heard someone say something, and I later found out that was impossible. Try not to dwell on it.

I had that happen to me today
Buses are horrible
People staring at me or trying to calm Fick down.


Buses are pretty scary, but I think Abilify has taken care of the thought broadcasting. I should try going on a crowded bus sometime.

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