Boyfriend coming back from military!

I am very very excited! My boyfriend of 4 years went off the the navy about ten months ago. I have been missing him terribly, because he was a great support and very close friend to me. We have definitely been calling/video chatting but this is the first time I will see him in person.

…However, I’m a bit nervous because even though he understands my dx(more or less), I kinda promised nothing would go wrong when he left and convinced him I was stable.

This was a complete lie, and I sort of ended up institutionalized when he was away. He knows of this, but I can’t help but feel like this reunion is going to have an elephant in the room… He already knew about the psychosis I had from first hand experience, but now he knows a lot more than ever. I’m afraid this might be awkward in someways when it shouldn’t be.

Anyone experience something similar? How do people react…Any advice? Thanks

I doubt it. I’m sure you will both be too excited to see each other to worry too much about what promises you could and couldn’t keep. You’re out and well(ish?) now so that’s what matters. You managed to go to a big steampunk convention and have continued to go to school, sit exams etc while he has been gone. I think the good far outweighs the not so good :wink:


Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind. I just feel kinda bad and don’t want him to worry when he goes off to be stationed in Korea. When I was very flat line and depressed, I more or less avoided his messages and ignored all his mothers called. I just didn’t want to talk with anyone. I just didn’t care. But, I still loved him of course, just idk like I couldn’t express love.

Thanks for your support. I am much better now. Therapy has been beneficial.

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Be patient with yourself… I’m sure you two will start talking and things will feel familiar again.

You’ve gone through a lot… I’m sure so has he

Don’t focus on the awkward… focus on the things you’ve been able to accomplish

Good luck and I’m glad you two get a chance to reconnect :v:

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You have nothing to be ashamed about, or feel guilty for being hospitalized, you have a brain illness and you’re doing well now so that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Good luck sharpie! Yeah, you’re sharpie now.

Since he knows he will be prepared. Enjoy your time together.

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hahaha, a nickname for my nickname. I like it. But, like the pen? hehe

I’m going to see him soon. Thanks for everyone’s comments and support.

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The pen is cool. It’s a good pen! It’s like a cute nickname, deal with it sharpie :sunglasses:

Glad you get to see him!