Bowel movement question

Man I’m not trying to scare you but I was constipated for almost a year and it slowly built up to the point where I had blood on my stools. I was so scared and eventually went in for a colonoscopy. In the beginning my PCP prescribed me a cream for hemorrhoids and even though it would help the problem would come back. He eventually said I should get the surgery for hemorrhoids which I refused. As suddenly as the problem started it eventually went away. Now I have regular bowel movements and don’t feel constipated. If you have concerns talk to your doctor. Hopefully they will be able to guide on the right path but take there advice with a grain of salt.

It’s probably just diet. You might be eating or drinking something that’s causing this to happen.

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I use Tums for heartburn, and they are constipating. It’s so hard, it’s hurts to pass it, and I bleed.

I started getting painful cramps in my stomach at night just before Christmas and i was given renitidine for it, it has really helped and i’m supposed to get a poo test for h-pylori again as it felt like a recurrence

I’ve had an endoscopy. They sedate you. It wasn’t a big deal really. They were testing me for gluten problems.

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I’m a every 7-10 day goer, since a kid. Doctors say it’s just how I am. Not like compacted or anything, just am not affected by fiber or laxatives. But if i get sick, i get the never ending diarrhea. Though, if I really feel bloated, drinking root beer makes me go. The kids too, but they’re pretty regular so the one takes Miralax if he decides he needs the help quicker than root beer.

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My brother and I both have IBS.
Try eating fewer processed carbs and eat more fruits and vegetables.
I know it’s easier said than done but it should help.
A healthy diet is important.
Also consuming less dairy should help also.

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I had the exact same symptoms. Burning and was overusing the washroom. I thought I had a hemorrhoid which I got checked. The doctor thought it might be constipation but it was the opposite. Which doesn’t make sense as loose bowels does not cause hemorrhoids. The doctor gave me special medication but it came back. I finally figured it out on my own after a year of this. I’m allergic to dairy. I avoid it and now the problem has cleared up. If nothing else works try a one week fast from dairy.

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I can’t go for a week and then one day I can’t stop. Its terrible. I’m in so much pain. I keep meaning to use metamucil every day but I’m slack

@Cici2 the dumping syndrome eventually stops. It takes time and lots of fiber, but itdoes. I can now eat out. Mine was out in 2007 and I began to feel better about eating out a few years later.

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I can’t seem to get a good bm until after a few days.

But your trouble sounds like you need some particular type of fiber.

Not sure if it’s insoluble or soluble fiber.

But there is a difference with how they work and one should be good for your problem.

As for me I think I’ve relied too much on caffeine as a stimulant.

Do you drink alot of caffeine or other stimulants?

Sometimes excitement gets mine going , [blush]

Looking at this… my guess would be … soluble fiber??

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