Bouts of crying from past regrets and mistakes


i suffer with bouts of crying from past mistakes, its like a dark cloud comes of me i accept it , its well and truly part of me now…i suffer with schizoaffective disorder so it could be a mixed mood from bi-polar surfacing now and again, i cry alone dont want anyone see me crying…

does anyone here get bouts of crying?


I cry,recently I cry more and I don’t want to let people see that I cry…


me too @Mobc1990 . I used to think i was soft for crying now i dont… i find i vent out bottled feelings with crying, every one hurts sometimes and crys, i find it soothing and my bottled feelings vent through my tears


I agree. . . . .


i love this song it explains my sitution, a song of hope…!!


When I’m drunk I can weep a little bit. It’s not from sadness, though.


I cry way too much these days, sometimes at the drop of a hat.

As for regrets and mistakes, ask yourself, “If I had the chance to do those things over again, would I?” If the answer is no then you’re not the same person and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over the past.


Sometimes I can cry. I wish I could cry more often… then the emotion would be faced and expressed.

But sometimes I get hit with the deepest pit of regret and it actually hurts my heart and my stomach, but the rest of me is shutting down. I can’t cry… I just get flat and numb and that deep regret takes even longer to leave me.


to cry is to be human…don’t deny your humanity.
take care :alien:


Making mistakes is human too.


Yeah, i cry at times.

Not because of regrets though.

The pain in the world just becomes to much. There is just so much pain.