Boundaries for Caregivers, Independence, Healthy Living, and Divorce

Caregivers for someone with psychosis are faced with an impossible task of survival. Not helping and supporting a caregiver who really should get a divorce, or move their child out of the house is not helpful.

Having the one-sided discussion thread where this option isn’t discussed doesn’t show the big picture of this problem, caregiving for a person with Sz, especially when the person with the psychotic illness refuses to go to the doctor is completely unhealthy and out-of-bounds task in marriage and family relationships. If someone has a sick family member, it’s that sick family members responsibility to get care, period, not a family members responsibility to find care for that person. Its not a parents responsibility to house a sick adult child who refuses treatment.

This book, Boundaries, explains this concept.

**I agree in theory-but oh so very hard to do!