Bound to Be Entertaining

Today’s Chicago Tribune

China prepares to rank its citizens on ‘social credit’

Internet users in America voiced outrage this fall over the imminent launch of a Yelp-style app intended to let anyone post public reviews of their friends, acquaintances and yes, enemies — with no opt-out option. The outbursts prompted the creators of the app, Peeple, to reconsider. But in China,…


It does sound very interesting…makes me glad I’m a hermit + already know I don’t stack up to anyone else as far as society goes.

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It wouldn’t bother me because I know I have a lot wrong with me, but for someone with a reputation to protect it could be bad. It’s a bad idea. It will start all kinds of feuds and acrimony.

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Everyone has some value. Gotta pick the right society, though.

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Not to mention libel and slander litigation. (Think maybe a bunch of lawyers got together and invented this app? Hahaha.)