Bought some rice cakes to eat when I get the post meds munchies


Had strong coffee last night to curb my appetite. It worked but was awake till the small hours. Got rice cakes for tonight. Am going to get a load of decaf coffee too.


good with peanut butter, me thinks. See ya, I’m off for the evening,

see you tomorrow.


See you tomorrow daze!


I like the white cheddar rice cakes. Mmm I can never find them, though.

I like instant for my decaf because I tend to drink less in the evenings. But some people think instant coffee is gross. 🤷


I only drink instant. Am too lazy and impatient to brew real coffee. Am getting instant decaf coffee on Friday.


Nice haha. I love rice cakes and decaf coffee!!


Good idea @anon20613941.
I might buy some rice cakes.
I need to munch on low cal snacks when I get food cravings.


I reckon rice cakes and decaf coffee might work out!


i like the chocolate rice cakes too.