Bought myself these :)

What you think


I like the Green one

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They are cute ish! Sass and belle is such a lovely brand. I have a plant pot from there, it has these little legs! I love it :slight_smile:


I really like it! :slight_smile:

i like them a lot =3

That sounds cute they have so much stuff, i might consider other things for the kitchen… i only just discovered them i didn’t think they were popular

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The green one is really nice. Could be a Hobbit mug lol.

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Ohh that’s a good idea actually I give to him he loves lotr

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Those are some nice mugs!
But having known you for a while, I feel compelled to ask… Is this normal Ish buying nice things, or manic Ish acting on an impulse?

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This is normal for me I don’t think I’m manic. Manic was spending lots of junk I didn’t need or read.

I love the Cutie Cat Teapot. Why didn’t you get that?

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You’re right that is terribly cute I didn’t spot that I was looking for mugs but apparently they have a version of that in mugs too.

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