Bought myself a Nintendo switch...and a new tv

Found a good deal on a switch at a pawn shop. $250 for the switch the docking station, the joycons the controller that you can put the joycons in, the cords I need, a big case that holds everything, two smaller cases for the joy cons, and 4 game holder thingies. The switch works just fine no cracks or scratches. All in all really good deal.

Then I found a 24" TV for $40 so I got it. It’s a little bigger than my other tv. Plus it came with a remote. My other one didnt have a remote. The cashier was awesome though and he could change the price on the tv and print out a new price sticker for it. So I bought it for 40 but then he printed a sticker that said its 999,999.00. So it looks like I paid a lot. I find it amusing.


I should clarify. New tv for me. It’s still a used tv but for me it’s new


Sounds good. Hope you have some fun. :bird::bird::bird:

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i hope you’ll enjoy your new stuff =D

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Does your pawn shop allow you to haggle or do they have a sign that says prices as marked?

I was always scheming and dealing at my old pawn shop.

Anyways that sounds like a good deal on the Switch. I play mine often. Minecraft and Lego World are my favs.

I’ve always been a Nintendo fan since my original NES but I’ve never played on a switch. The last console I had was a Wii U but I sold it on eBay.

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I will recommend monster hunter rise. Monster hunter stories. Pokemon unite. Breath of the wild. And also skyward sword.

Loads of good games on the switch.

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I have a switch. It’s the best Nintendo console since the early 90’s IMO

All I have are Mario games I think.

Mario odyssey is a must.

They just released Mario golf game which I heard is fun. Idk…. I haven’t played it.

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