Bought candles today

I went to one flea market and bought 15 candles. They were just 26 cents each. Now I can have my usual candle light ritual. What have you bought at flea markets or similar places recently?


I haven’t been to a market in years.

I hope you got all kinds of scented stuff Canyon candles are the best

In fourth grade my friend would buy trick matchbooks at the flea market and sell them to the rest of us. Like exploding matches, or matches that turned different colors.

Last flea market I went to was 20 years ago. I used to take the train to visit my dad and my step-mom in Sacramento and one time they took me to the local flea market.

Before that, it was 5 years prior that I had been to a flea market. Me and a friend drove to the biggest flea market in California in San Jose, Ca. He went there to find cheap sunglasses. It was huge.

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I have been to that flea market. :blush:

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