Bought a pill box

I had an app on my phone to remind me that I had taken meds, but my memory and concentration is so poor I’d even forget to use the app.

How many medications or supplements / vitamins do you take per day?

1 dose of Abilify and 2 doses of l-theanine. I just got the box today, and can’t remember if I took the second dose of l-theanine or not today. So hopefully from tomorrow onwards forgetting stuff like that will be a thing of the past.

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I have found my pill box to be a great thing. I fill mine every 2 weeks - if I am not feeling well my family fill it for me.

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I love pill boxes. When I was on more meds they were a life saver. I would fill them all up at the beginning of the month and not have to worry about them. Now I just put my days worth of pills in a little dish by my monitor since I only take a few pills a day.

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