Bought a new bed

What Kind of Bed Do You Have click all that apply
  • Single (twin)
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Other
  • I have a headboard
  • I have a footboard
  • My mattress is soft
  • My mattress is firm

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I bought a new bed because my current one is wrecking my back. The bed frame is old and causes the boxspring to slip out of the frame while im sleeping creating a dip in the bed that hurts my back. My current bed is a queen but the one I just bought is a single or twin (dont know why they call a single a twin). What kind of bed do you have? Is it soft or firm and do you have a headboard and footboard

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I like my headboard as it has shelves where I put my stuff. Useful.


I have a soft mattress. I also have a head board.

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I know it is accurate but I don’t get why single means the same thing as “twin”. Seems counterintuitive. I would think twin should mean double.

As for bed, I have single (twin). I would get a bigger bed but it would seriously crowd my current bedroom. I like having a little space to move around. Maybe if I ever change bedrooms…

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My bed in my bedroom is a double with a memory foam topper on it, but I rarely sleep there.

I replaced the couch in my mancave with a Twin XL bed and I sleep here every night.

The couch was comfortable enough but I love the bed more, I can spread out and it came with memory foam built in.

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My bed is a “full”, don’t know where that falls. 14" riser, so I can store stuff under it, I only have 2 tiny closets

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My mattress is firm but with a pillow potion that’s soft. We got the bed we have especially for my husband’s spine injury

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