Bought a cute mini fan from internet

Last summer I bought a mini fan from local grocery. There was only one brand and I had no choice. The fan looks cute but was very noisy when running. I could not stand it. So this summer I was looking for a better mini fan. I searched on Alibaba and looked at a vareity of mini fans. I read carefully the comments those customers posted there. Then I picked up a brand about which the customers said it was quiet when running.

Today the mini fan was delivered to my door. I tried it. It IS quiet when you turned it on! That is one of the advantages about internet purchasing because you can always check the customer comments on that particular good.


I’m quite the fan of your fan thread.


I love online shopping! It’s so cool and convenient and everything turns up at your door!

I’ve built a whole computer from just online shopping!

So glad about your new purchase! More consumer power to you and happy it’s worked out!

Ps. I use paypal because you can get buyer protection either though for some sites you pay a percentage charge!


One thing to bear in mind about shopping by reviews/ratings is the total number of them. How many people reviewed the item? The greater the number making it 5 stars, the more compelling what they have to say.


Your desk looks nicer with the mini fan and kindle e-reader.

Normally I use Internet banking to make payments online.

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I love buying new stuff to for myself.


Nice looking fan @green5!
Best of luck with it.


Yes I like that too about online… Honest reviews.
I can’t wait to buy clothes online. It could just be me but I seem to see much more nice clothes online then at stores. Just gotta lose enough weight first to fit into things without having to go into the trouble of sending them back

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cute and fanny :slight_smile:


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