Bottle and cup

If the bottle and the cup are filled with water, and are placed under the sun. The water in the bottle or that in the cup will evaporate faster?

Imagine that the bottle is insulated bottle that filled with hot water. The hot water in the insulated bottle or that in the cup will cool down faster?

What conclusion can you draw?


Ummm Don’t drink any of them ???

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go for bigger cup sizes?

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@Mountainman and @sirBoring, please use imagination. :relaxed:

Associations of comfort and safety and trust tied to warmth

Source: World Wide Web

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U are asking beyond expectation…!!! haha funny and difficult question…!!!


If you stay at home, you will be safe. If we stay in a united community, likewise we will be safe.

There is higher chance of keeping the warm heart under those circumstance.

The hot water in the insulated bottle illustrates a warm heart. :heart: Whereas the cooled-down water in the cup illustrates a cooled-off love. :broken_heart:

Thanks @far_cry0


Neither will evaporate because it’s frozen outside.