Both appointments went well

I went to my therapist appointment and pdoc appointment today. therapy went well she told me i’m too nice I need to stand up for myself and stop apologizing for every little stupid thing. she doesn’t think its a good idea for me to go see my parents since my brother is so overbearing and anti med. but she understands my wanting to get some peace from my father in law. but it would just be going to one overbearing ■■■■■■■ to another.

my pdoc appointment went well. he said he sees improvement already. asked if I wanted to go to the injection. I told him I have a bad history with injections like with invega sustenna. he said okay he understands. he wants me to get some blood test done especially to get my lithium levels checked. I see him again in November.

I have an appointment with my family doctor next week. my partner told me that i’m not allowed to cancel any more doctor appointments. she wants me to go to every therapy session and every doctor appointment pdoc or family.


Sounds like your situation is improving in different areas @cbbrown.
Congratulations :slight_smile: