"Born to lose; live to win"

My new motto…


Niece one…commendable…:smoking:

Are you always smoking farcry? :slight_smile: Every time you reply to something you remind me of an Italian mobster :smile:


ha ha minnii…
i am not able to quit smoking
if i use it…it gives me sense of satisfaction…
sorry i might change my portfolio…soon
any ways minnii how iz ur dieting goin so far…
if u cut too much it might cause anorexia …
i know u know it all…
thanks …take care…:pray:

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Oh don’t worry, I wont become anorectic again! I’m eating well with this diet. It’s going good, day 2 now :slight_smile:

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Of course we tried in spite of the futility
Can you not see
How the experience itself
Was the point of it all