Born alone, live alone, die alone

This is my plan, and it’s going well, so far

Or will it?

Just maybe it’s going to happen to many of us

Human garbage


You have your dog & parents.

You’re not alone.

And we all die alone.

No parents anymore

The dog is not a human

Wouldn’t expect another outcome

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Then at least you have us on this forum.

Are you in conflict with your parents?

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Why does this forum tolerate me? No one IRL seems to care outside of family who mostly live far away?

Yes I am in conflict with my parents

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I am 1 in 100 *Edit

We have something in common.

We don’t have to face each other 24/7.

There can be plenty of reasons why we get along most of the time.


I think we are all tolerated cause we don’t talk religion,politics or aliens.:relaxed:

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I’ve developed a taste for solitude myself.

No, you screwed this horribly. All those yards you did such a wonderful job of? There people out there whose lives you improved and who think well of you.

You’re one of those blokes who makes the world better when you’re part of it, just so you know.



I have not felt like a participant for a long time now

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That one hit me really hard

This is a horrible thing to say about yourself or others. We all have a part to play, none of us are trash because we are different. This is a viewpoint issue that I would hope that you will work on. Would probably make yourself feel better, regardless of your other issues.


I’ve got my teddy bear to keep me company and my stamps

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That’s how other people treat us @Bowens i can provide many examples

Not me. I have never been treated as human garbage to my recollection. And I’d also like to point out that how someone treats you should not be your own measurement of your self worth. If you rely on others to determine your value you are in for a rocky road that may or may not lead to any kind of positive self esteem.

It’s difficult for most people to completely ignore others opinions of themselves though, I will give you that.


i might end up living in my sisters basement one of these days but she doesnt have a house yet.

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Don’t get me wrong, I have been treated poorly and picked on before, but I never considered myself garbage because of it.

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Really negatively connoting alone here. I think of alone as being one of the highest and best things. I have always thought of people who are alone to be in the purest state and those who are amongst society to be in an impure state. To be alone you have to cleanse yourself of the things society imposes on being alone such as rejection, punishment, exclusion, etc. and turn the fact that society turns your basic state of being individual against you, as something against it. Don’t convince yourself that boredom is loneliness. Boredom is within your power to relieve yourself, loneliness is someone else’s power to relieve you.


I think you’re onto something there

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