Boring Sunday

And all the good stuff, like suspensions, drama and sex jokes happens while I’m sleeping.

Its Monday tomorrow so what are you up to?
I have to get early and take the kid to medical exam provided by his basketball team and then I have a long waited pdoc appointment and then I’m taking Luka to school. Also I have to make lunch, well as pretty much everyday.
One of the rather busy days in my mostly passive routine I guess. Well I already hate it.

Early waking, you suck :-1:

Parents leaving tomorrow. They’re visiting me right now. Living la vida loca :thumbsup:

Well come on over to the DARKSIDE !!! We have cookies :smiley:


You’re living the time of your life. :metal:

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I thought I already am dude :sunglasses:


Sadly working, no rest for the wicked as they say

You working people I don’t know if I hate you or envy you…:smirk: seriously

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I like my work, it can be fun at the same time I could see myself sitting home for a month or to.

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Let’s not this make a thread where I complain about my inability to hold a decent job and trying to make the corrupted system of my country guilty for it. Lol

What do you work?

I do salvage for larger companies, removal of old equipment, shutting down of warehouses, and smaller one to. Everyday is a different project


Real life can be boring and tedious, but, @Sarad, enjoy even the most mundane parts of raising your boy. My son is almost 22, and he lives hundreds of miles away now. I miss making school lunch for him! :grin:


This might sound pathetic but he is what really keeps me going. Even when I move like a snail. :relaxed:


@Samp what’s going on with you honey boo?

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Not pathetic at all. My son saved my life and I still live primarily for him. Putting your energy into his happiness and well-being is something you’ll never regret. And he’ll grow up so fast that it will all seem like a blur one day. :blush:


I’m gonna go see the accountant :slight_smile:

In 40 minutes

Ben affleck is the best actor of all time IMO

Taking good care of children is a great responsibility. I am proud of every father and mother who take care of their sons and daughters.

Sarad, do people still experience Blue Monday nowadays?

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Hey boobies, I’m just hybernating.

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Ben aflek…foreal…aflek was the bomb in phantoms though…lol really Ben aflek…of all time…I must disagree with you…


The forum has been rather dull lately, how to make Sz more interesting? More drama? More comedy? - lol

What sort of Drama? secret plots? false accusations? seedy affairs??? lol

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