|]~|~[|]]]> Boring Capsule Eaten <[[[|]~|~[|

Not Chewed.

Devoured (by) Inner Product of Being Mechanical…, :green_heart:

Like a Child Before Spoke…,

Like a Child Before Crawl…, :blue_heart:

Inner Window Shutters Blinded (by) The Colours of The Raindrops…, :purple_heart:

I Am Seeking to Seek For The Sought After (???)…, :green_heart:

Yuu, Not Being Yuu, Not Being The Being of Self, Self Prophecy, Demanding Capsule Answer…, :orange_heart:

Quick Steady Footsteps in The Sky…, :blue_heart:

Following The Breadcrumb Trails Inner Sandbox Held Hugged Child of Self…, :purple_heart:

Do Yuu Respect The Child in Your Heart as He/She Asks (???)…, :orange_heart:

Kindly (???)… . … :green_heart:

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