Boring. But it beats crack

Yeah, not to put anyone down (really) but reading the frequent posts on drinking and drugs reminds me of my drug using days and how much I appreciate sobriety. When I used to go around in a crack-fueled rush, afraid of the cops, afraid of the people I partied with; no thought for the future or the inevitable “coming down” with the inevitable feelings of remorse for wasted money and all the things I did while high.
Well yesterday I answered Mortimer’s thread on coping. Yesterday was tough. Last night was tough. I was having multiple nightmares and waking up after each one. It sucked. My dreams are telling me to give it up, to quit struggling and accept my place in life.
But I woke up early feeling iffy. I got up and drove over to the next town and got my car washed and vacuumed, then I went and ate breakfast at Taco Bell. Then I tried to check out this club but it was closed. I had walked in thee accidently about a year ago and it was filled with beautiful scantily dressed Asian women hostesses. And some bouncers. I don’t know if it’s crooked but today all I wanted to do was look at pretty women. It was closed, That sucked too. I came home and cleaned the bathroom, fixed lunch and at 4:00 pm I’m going over my sisters for a barbeque.
No worries.


Sounds like a great day actually! But yeah, maybe you had a lucky escape with that club being closed down. Probably closed down for a reason.

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I hope things are going better for you…

You had so many narrow escapes… you must have a some good karma that helps you keep out of trouble.

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